Lebeouf has advised Tuchel with playing

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ESPN FC analyst Franck Lebeouf has advised Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel to reduce his obsession with playing energy-focused football to becoming effective play-safe. Because at this time the players gradually hurt, affecting the form of the team. The case continues to push, may be headlong until being fired like Frank Lampard, the previous boss.

‘ Blues ‘ cue takes months . C . The early hours . C . 2022 as many as 10 shots before beating FA Cup third round encounter Chesterfield (8 m . C .) , Whose last defeat. To West Ham 2-3 until losing the top of the crowd Weaknesses in the standard of the starting team – the subs revealed Including the condition of the body is not as fresh as before

It is at this point that the former defender, Lebeouf, sends his concern to the old team. should be wise in rotation know how to relax Not so today, Michael could out like ‘ Lampard’s ‘ Seasons before playing Thor . C . 2020 per room . C . 2021 , before the FA Cup , losing to four from nine games list.  

Specific to the league game, only 2 out of 7 matches ( draw 1, lose 4) until falling off the curve to compete for the championship This led to his sacking in mid-January 2021.

“The football that Chelsea play looks interesting but it sure remains the same. Overall, I didn’t feel as strong as the last month, ” the former France defender commented.

“ Remember last year, before Frank Lampard was sacked, they were third in the table? People in the industry say in unison that – Singha Blues have a chance to win the league – ” 

“ Even when things happened in December The defeat against Arsenal in the 26 ‘s . C . Conditions at the time far away from the title race even two particles come in . ” 

“ So I’m not sure. What if history repeats itself? Let’s wait and see. I’m just personally not happy with what I’m seeing right now. ”

” It’s interesting to follow Chelsea , but trust me not to put the opponent 2-1 , then came back up, because the 2 -door model stupid again .” 

Today, Michael has led the team to a queue H Club . Guests Zenit Wednesday also need a win to guarantee a championship , plus carabao Cup Quarterfinals’s duel Brent Ford before Christmas three days.  

The remainder are six league games against Leeds , Everton , Wolves , Aston Villa , Brighton and Liverpool, with the midfielder gradual in pain until options are limited.