Juve play relentlessly, Bonucci Hero beats Venezia 2-1

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Leonardo Bonucci scored two goals from set-pieces as Juventus beat Venecia 2-1 in Serie A. on sunday

Italian Serie A soccer league

Juventus 2 – Venezia 1

Stadium: Allianz Stadium J

uventus are hopeful of a win against bottom-flight side Venezia. In their pursuit of the Serie A title until the end. The game started at 4 minutes. The host who came in the yellow uniform almost led quickly. Luca Pellegrini fired from outside the box to the crossbar. In the seventh minute ufabt.

Juventus took the lead 1-0 from a free-kick from the right, Fabio Miretti threw deep into the far post, Matthijs de Ligt heade back into the middle for Leonardo Bo. Nuchchi tackles again and plugs into the net.

After that, the home team focuses on possession of the ball. Not focus on doing until the 71 minutes, Venezia equaliz 1-1. Mattia Aramu thumped a left-foot volley from a distance of 25 yards, plugge into the corner cleanly. But five minutes later. The Bianconeri took the lead 2-1 again from set-pieces. 

This time it was a corner kick on the right side. Fabio Miretti threw it to Danilo, headed into a safe, Niki Maenpa, the ball landed at Bonucci’s foot, dunking in front of the goal. At the end of the game, Juventus slashe past Venezia 2-1. And still wants to fight for the championship.

List of players for both teams Juventus: 

Vojsek Szczesny; Danilo, Leonardo Bonucci, Matthijs de Ligt, Luca Pellegrini – Federico Bernarde. Schi, Denis Zakaria, Fabio Miretti, Adrien Rabiot – Alvaro Morata, Dusan Vlajovic Venezia: Niki Maenpa – Ethan Ampadu, Mattia Caldara, Pietro Ceccaroni – Ales Mateu, Domaine Chernicoy, Antonio Wacca, Michael Kuizonz, Ridgeziano Hups – Mattia Aramo, Tomas Henry